Q: Can I order directly from MacCourt?
A: No, we never sell any of our products direct to consumers. For a retailer near you, call our Customer Service department 1-800-552-5473 from 8:00 – 4:00 CST.

Q: Does MacCourt do any custom manufacture window well covers?
A: No, we do not custom manufacture.

Q: How do I become a MacCourt Dealer?
A: Call our Inside Sales department, 1-800-552-5473 press 1 for sales

Q: Where can I order custom manufactured window well covers?
A: Always check your local yellow pages under window wells/covers. You can, also, try Dilworth Manufacturing at TF:888-624-8699

Q: Is there a window well company that makes wells that match up with our size covers?
A: Galvanized metal window well covers- -St. Paul Corrugating, 700 39th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421, (612) 788-9271

Q: Return policy/warranty on window well covers:
A: Warranted for 5 years from date of purchase against MANUFACTURER’S DEFECTS ONLY. In order to take advantage of the warranty send a copy of the register receipt (to show Proof of Purchase), along with a brief description, to the best of your knowledge, what happened to the cover(s) to: MacCourt Warranty, 4881 Ironton St. Denver, CO 80239. Once the information is received and verified, the warranty department will mail you back a letter authorizing free replacements from a dealer on the Dealer/Distributor page.

Q: How do the screw, clip, washer, and nut go into the window well cover?
A: After drilling 3/16″ holes through the window well cover in the necessary positions, clips must be mounted to the window well cover. Hold the screw by the head putting it through the clip from the inside and then through the washer. Next put it up through the window well cover from the underside and then screw the cap nut on from the top side of the window well cover. The clips can be tightened or loosened to grip the well by tightening or loosening the screw. The tighter you turn the screw, the smaller or tighter the clip gets.