There are 3 easy steps to measuring your window well.

  1. WIDTH: Measure the window well from side to side where the well meets the house.
  2. PROJECTION: Measure from the center of the width and out from the house to the widest part of the well.
  3. HEIGHT: Measure from the same center point of the width to the top of the window.

* You will need to determine the shape of your window well. MacCourt covers come in circular (which is a half round), elongated (which is a stretched “U” shape) and rectangular shapes (which is rectangular with slightly rounded corners).

* First determine if your window extends above the top of the window well. If this is the case, you will want to purchase a bubble style window well cover. If your window is completely below ground level or the top of the window well, you will want to get a low profile or flat style window well cover. Measure the same as above omitting the last measurement.

An example:
42″ (width) x 17″(projection) x 15″ (height)